The Cosmic Bliss Spell Bracelet
The Cosmic Bliss Spell Bracelet

The Cosmic Bliss Spell Bracelet

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WHAT IT IS: Awaken your Highest Self with this silk and gemstone bracelet. When your bracelet breaks, your spell has been heard.


  • Wear this piece when you’re ready to channel your utmost happiness, appreciate your many gifts, and start navigating your life with positivity..
  • Discover the joy and gratitude you long to feel with the help of our Cosmic Bliss Spell bracelet. This hand-crafted silk piece features solid gold beads and ethically sourced gemstones, each packed with joy-inducing energies to help you manifest joy in your life:

    • Dalmatian Jasper conjures a playful positivity that infuses your spirit with vitality.
    • Citrine, the stone of abundance and happiness, radiates warm and uplifting vibrations, helping you attract joy and embrace the sunny side of life.
    • Rose Quartz, the ultimate heart healer, creates a foundation for happiness from within.
    • Clear Quartz, the “Master Healer”, amplifies and protects your spell.


  • The bracelet comes with instructions for a short ritual to activate its power. When your bracelet naturally breaks or falls off, it releases its energy and serves as a tangible sign that your spell has been heard at the right moment in your journey.


Hand-woven 100% natural silk 

2-3mm faceted crystal beads 

18k solid gold round bead 

14k solid gold flower bead 

Adjustable macrame closure

Handmade in CT

Comes with instructions and an activation spell 

Slight variations in appearance, size, and detailing may occur. The natural materials used and the maker's personal touch all contribute to the charming differences that make each piece special.


High Light Rituals creations are beautifully handcrafted tools of transformation, empowering individuals to connect with their own divinity and continue a tradition of spiritual connection and community care.

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