Sunny Hostin

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she sparkles

The Necklace Stack

Understated diamonds paired with powerful crystal energy

Kin Necklace

Undulating diamonds and gold balls by emerging designer ViceVersa

Power Crystal

Rock Quartz Pendant by Haitian American designer Mckenzie Liautaud

she rocks

color me bold

Ethically sourced gemstones take center stage on a simple cord and double-finger ring

Collette Necklaces

Pippa Small, a pioneer in socially responsible jewelry, strings stones with meaning

Double Finger Wavy Rings

Fully traceable gemstones handcrafted into a chic statement by NYC designer Paige Novick

Winged Ear Cuff By Paige Novick and Two Diamond Ear Cuffs by Katey Walker


Snakes and Serpents

A symbol of protection, wisdom and rebirth, throughout history the snake motif has been one imbued with deep meaning

Snake Ear Climber

TJE Mentee Lauren Newton takes inspiration from her former life as a zoologist

Figural Snake Ring

A coiled snake featuring fully traceable Fuli Peridot, from the first zero-waste semi-precious gemstone mine

she's wild and free

Feathers And Fancy

Chic statements in gold and diamonds

Mara Ring and Bracelet

Created by Rosario Navia—part of the Natural Diamond Council's emerging and diverse designers program

Feather Earrings

Cadar's craftsmanship is unparalleled allowing fluid movement that perfectly captures the light

Double Finger Rings in Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires by Paige Novick


Hoops And Arcs

Striking shapes to update a classic look

Arc Bangle

Husband and wife team Third Crown create striking gender-neutral jewelry

Romita Pendant

Created using Pounamu by Maōri designer Courtney Marama inspired by her rich heritage and environemtal values

Gravity Hoops

Strkingingly different—rectangle hoops by Korean-Canadian designer Kara You

Eclipse Ring and Emerald Band

LA designer Jenna Blake takes inspiration from vintage jewelry

Celina Pearl Ring

A ring with movement by Kara Yoo

East West Onyx Equilibrium Ring

Jennie Kwon's signature delicate ring stack comes to life