Sunny Hostin

For The Opportunity Network

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she moves hearts and minds

The Charm Necklace

The perfect charm necklace of hearts in all shapes and colors, each embodying the transformative energy of their material.

Malachite Heart Pendant

Malachite Heart by Lindsay Price on the Diamond Charm Chain by Jenna Blake.

Mini Hearts

In amethyst, malachite, rainbow tourmaline and red quartz—the mini hearts by Lindsay Price.

she always has a point of view

Unique Statements

Bold statements in brass handmade by artisans from Massachusetts to Kenya.

Little Padme Earrings

Earrings that shimmer and shake, cut and hammered by hand by We Dream In Colour.

Dash Hinge Choker and Ring

A dash of sophistication with a twist, handmade by the artisans of Soko in Kenya, preserving traditional techniques.

Diamond Necklace and Ring by Dorian Webb; Sapphire rings by Turkish designer GFG Jewellery.

She advises, she mentors

The Next Generation

Emerging designers creating eye-catching pieces with good vibes.

Power Crystal and Mushroom Necklaces

The Jewelry Edit Mentee Mckenzie Liautaud creates pieces that blend his practice of meditation and manifestation with fine jewelry.

Signature Coral Ring

Dorian Webb's purposeful creations honor women, embrace Black heritage, and enhance the essence of connection.

She Empowers

Ringing in The New

A new way forward in the jewelry industry—designers using materials and creating designs responsibly.

The Fuli Peridot Edit

The Jewelry Edit Mentee Lauren Newton creates a snake ring using traceable Fuli Peridot alongside Paige Novick's peridot pinky ring.

Bud Pendant

Woven layers of fancy-cut diamonds serve as a reminder from Dorian Webb that beautiful things take time to flourish and develop.

20% of your order of hearts by Lindsay Price will be donated to OppNet. Hearts pictured on the Diamond Clasp Chain by Jenna Blake.

She catches your eye

Bright and Bold

Pieces with personality; pieces that start a conversation so you don't have to.

Elly Ring

Mumbai designer Misho's elephant ring is a totem of protection and luck, loved and revered in cultures across the world.

Valencia Cuff + Dash Coil Ring

Hand-painted and hand-hammered cuff by We Dream In Color. Paired with a multi-layer ring made from upcycled brass by Soko.

A Ring Story

GFG Jewellery and Dorian Webb.

The Necklace Stack

Mckenzie Liataud