Rosena Sammi The Founder

Rosena Sammi the founder

Rosena Sammi designed and crafted jewelry collections under her namesake line for more than a decade. Her jewelry was sold at all the leading department stores, worn by A-List celebrities such as Rihanna and Blake Lively and was featured in the likes of Vogue. However, she grew disenchanted with the rise of fast fashion.

  I became disillusioned making collections for stores and boutiques who were driven by the race to see who could make the cheapest jewelry the fastest.  That was never what jewelry was about for me.  Throughout history, jewelry has always been about storytelling and self-expression. I want to go back to that idea  

So was born ‘The Jewelry Edit,’ a new way to shop for jewelry. It’s personal, it’s not mass-produced and it tells a story. The Jewelry Edit melds compelling brands that draw on the best of our traits such as female empowerment, creativity, sustainability and accountability.
Rosena believes in every human’s desire for individual expression. Her focus is on moving away from fast fashion’s disposable lifestyle and back towards the world of artisanship, individuality and self-awareness.