Get pierced: Tips for styling earrings

We know you've been thinking about getting another piercing, because after you get one, it's never enough. Consider this an official nudge to treat yourself to that 2nd, or 3rd or 100th piercing to add to your “earscape.”


Personality First

This tip is taken from our jewelry wardrobing guide. Think of the ear as a blank canvas. To make it more intimate, pieces like birthstones and zodiac symbols are a great start. Even simple motifs can be a nod to your favorite things. If you really want to go there, try the Mary Jane studs from Bing Bang NYC. These studs are small yet expressive enough to work as cartilage piercings too.

Mary Jane Studs

Bing Bang

Zodiac Stud with birthstone

Paige Novick


Taste the Rainbow

Color is key to bringing your look to life. Jenny Kwon's baguette studs set with precious stones are a simple and elevated way to incorporate classic jewel tones. Whether you're matching your outfit or your mood, the opportunities to add color are endless.

Sapphire Baguette

Jennie Kwon

Emerald Lace Stud

Jennie Kwon


Mix and Don't Match

The fun thing about studs is they don't need to be a perfect match from ear to ear. If you buy a set, who is to say you can't wear both on one ear? Change up the stones too, with luxe diamond earrings on one side, and pretty pearl earrings on the other. We call this vibe, tastefully eclectic.

Snowflake Stud

Jennie Kwon

Seamless Huggie with Baguette Diamond

Lizzie Mandler


Pare It Back

To keep things from getting too over the top, layer in some minimalistic designs. The Gold Slim Bar from Admiral Row is a smart way to add in graphic lines while maintaining a nice balance of proportions. Complement the gold earrings with the Slim Micro Hoop earrings from Kozakh that give the look of huggies.

Gold Slim Bar Earrings

Admiral Row

Slim Micro Hoops



Make Moves

Speaking of balance, adding movement into the mixture is always an unexpected-but-welcomed twist. The subtle drape of the chain on Lizzie Mandler's Baguette Chain Huggie earrings will make any look more dynamic. The Onda Moonstone Gold Earring has a similar effect with even more length.

Baguette Chain Huggie

Lizzie Mandler

Onda Moonstone Earrings



Cuffing Season

Perfect for the non committal, cuffs give you that same look of a second ear piercing, without the needles. Kara Yoo’s Embrace Ear Cuff earring acts like a clip-on, in that it easily hooks onto your ear to create a pierced illusion. It’s a great alternative to cartilage piercings. You can even go for statement earrings like the Hunters Ear Cuff, by Nina Berenato. The spikes are bold and eye-catching even without multiple piercings, although if you do have them, the total look would be really cool.

Embrace Cuff

Kara Yoo

Hunters Ear Cuff

Nina Berenato


All The Feels

Anchor your ear piercings with texture. The Crystal and Feather Chandeliers from Sandy Hyun have that instant wow factor and bring diversity to your look. As do the Otto Hoops from Jolly Bijou. It refreshing breaks up the sea of gold earrings.

Otto Mini Huggies Multi

Jolly Bijou

Crystal and Feather Chandliers

Sandy Hyun