Tools in making a jewelry

Part Two of Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe—making your collection truly yours. Here is where you add in personal details like initials, astrological signs, and statement pieces to set your style apart.

Personalization & Craft: Artistry
The idea of “statement” pieces gets thrown around a lot, but it’s because they are a must. Something like the Night Garden Earrings from We Dream in Color are big, unique and showcase artisanship.

Personalization: Tell Your Story
To show off your individuality, styles like the Diamond Initial Necklace from Amelia Rose are timeless, but still feel fresh with every wear. Going with your zodiac sign is another, more eclectic option to tell a bit of your story.

Personalization: Color Pop
Add color into your collection and lots of it, with enamel, mixed metals, crystals or even your birthstone. Maybe it's your favorite color or a rainbow moment. The chromatic element brings an unmatched vibrancy.

9 products

9 products