Radical Jewelry Makeover

february to may 2022

Radical Jewelry Makeover

The Jewelry Edit hosts Radical Jewelry Makeover

The Jewelry Edit is hosting Radical Jewelry Makeover and Ethical Metalsmiths to transform unwanted jewelry into new pieces that will raise awareness for better practices in production and design and the need for a more transparent supply chain. Together they are drawing attention to the social and environmental impacts of mining and jewelry production through education, collaboration and action. 


Materials used in jewelry production are often sourced from sacred lands and disputed territories in some of the poorest countries in the world. This sourcing can come at a great social and environmental cost. We will be hosting educational programming to encourage consumers to consider the social and environmental impact of mining and jewelry and re-consider the results of our consumption.


Select designers from The Jewelry Edit will tap into their creativity and skill to transform used, damaged and unwanted jewelry donated by the public into works of art. Those tangled chains, unmatched earrings and banged up bracelets sitting at the bottom of jewelry boxes around New York are exactly what jewelry artists participating in this project want to get their creative hands on. A donation drive will open to the public from Feb 1 to March 1, 2022.


These reimagined jewelry designs will be exhibited for sale April 28 to May 7 at The Jewelry Library, 1239 Broadway, Suite 800, New York. The public can see their donated pieces transformed into ethical works of art.