Your Vacation Packing List

All the places we’ve been yearning to go, sparked the idea to create a stylist-approved packing list inspired by some of our dream destinations. Wherever you’re off to next, your personal style won’t get left behind. And if you don’t have any trips coming up, these picks will certainly transport you somewhere magical.

Ready set


This lively city is full of Gaudi’s whimsical sites and tiles. Where to first? La Sagrada Familia? Park Guell? Or maybe our personal favorite, Casa Battlo! Capture that Gaudi whimsy with the unique curves of the Ola Bangle by Mahnal. After some sightseeing, put on your dancing shoes, Flamenco is another staple in Spain. The Carmen Earrings by Jam + Rico have movement and a bold style evocative of these renowned dancers.

Ola Bangle

A simple gold bangle mimicking the soft, undulating rhythm of disturbed water.

Carmen Earrings

Bold tassel earrings that move and dance on your ear in a vibrant shade of red.



When we think of Hawaii, we instantly think of blue skies, bluer water and colorful flowers. Embody that feeling with the Botanical Mandala Earrings from Catherine Weitzman. These earrings preserve this destination’s tropical beauty by displaying pressed flowers picked on the island. Hawaii is also known for its aura of relaxation. Bring that positive energy with you, wearing Paige Novick’s Tumbled Rose Quartz and Diamond Pendant. Symbolizing harmony, the quartz and your surroundings will help you find your zen.

Botanical Mandala Earrings

18K gold vermeil earrings, with a flat glass chamber containing hand-pressed flowers from Hawaii.

Tumbled Rose Quartz Necklace

A tumbled Rose Quartz pendant set with three diamonds—designed to create harmony and self-love.

Let's Go


This floating city is more than just the gondolas. It has a rich history and signature style. One example—Venetians are celebrated for their centuries of beautiful glasswork. Show off your own interpretation of Venetian style with the Olivia Duo Necklace from Tess and Tricia, featuring labradorite charms. It will go perfectly with breezy linens and sleek fedoras. In the mood for a splurge? The Sacred Heart Intaglio Ring from Talon is made with genuine Venetian glass in a gorgeous crimson hue.

Olivia Duo Necklace

A chic layered necklace with two gold-filled chains and gold-plated labradorite & glass charms.

Sacred Heart Intaglio Ring

A raised Venetian glass centerpiece, depicting flowers emerging from a heart, set on a 14k gold ring.

Here we come


You’ll find nature at its finest in this domestic destination. Channel the vibrance of the red rocks with the Wolf Circus Ophelia Necklace in a shining gold with red topaz. Its organic silhouette complements any boho look. Or try tapping into earthier tones with the subdued palette of Shashi’s handmade Tilu Bracelet, the Wyatt. The stretch of this bracelet makes it a comfortable piece to wear on your more outdoorsy excursions.

Ophelia Necklace

An organic shaped pendant with a red topaz accent.

Wyatt Bracelet

A chic stretch bracelet with neutral colored beads.

Dreaming of


Lush flora. Intricate temples. Cloud-skimming mountains. Expansive shorelines. Bali is a beauty. They also have arguably the world's best monkey forest, home to hundreds of these cheeky creatures. We can’t help but dress in theme with the Vervet Earrings from We Dream in Colour. Alternatively, take cues from one of Indonesia’s essential natural resources, bamboo, with the Living Coral Bamboo Hoops from Gold and Honey. Their bright color is vacation ready.

Vervet Earrings

Gorgeous brass earrings depicting playful primates frolicking among blossoms.

Living Coral Bamboo Hoops

Bamboo hoops that provide a chic pop of color.