Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Recently our Founder, Rosena Sammi, and Resident Stylist, Nicole Chapoteau spoke to jewelry enthusiasts Gem-X as part of their series of online jewelry presentations. We decided to drop in on part of that conversation, as they talk through The Jewelry Edit's pillars for building the perfect jewelry wardrobe.

The Core

RS: The focus here is finding your "everyday essentials." You have to find the pieces that bring that sparkly touch to your daily life. NC: I always like to bring in a sparkly touch. "Daily diamonds" are perfect for this. I am usually wearing little diamond studs. Even though they are simple, they feel luxe. I intentionally have a couple of pairs to pass on to my daughters. Core is about jewelry that you can't picture yourself without. They are everyday pieces that you truly love. RS: Exactly. There are ways to incorporate diamonds into your wardrobe without it being big bling. It can be pave stones on a midi ring to make a small statement.

Midi Ring With Pavé Diamonds and A Pear-Shaped Opal

A midi ring with pavé diamonds and a pear-shaped opal

Slim Chain Magda Necklace

A timeless necklace and a chic foundation that will up your day-to-evening jewelry game

Personalization and Craft

RS: I've seen pictures of your jewelry box, Nicole. NC: Yes, it's huge and filled with a mix of pieces from The Jewelry Edit and some more personal ones. RS: Like you, I layer new but meaningful pieces, like studs in my birthstone, with pieces that tell a story. Handmade jewelry, in particular, is so special. They really spotlight that element of craft and artistry. This gives them versatility so they can be worn with a black dress or a t-shirt and jeans.

Carmen Earrings Red

Make a statement with these bold tassel earrings

Night Garden Earrings

A pair of dreamy floral earrings with unique hand-painted details

The Investment Pieces

NC: These are pieces that stand the test of time. 20 years from now you’re not going to look back and say "wow, that’s a crazy piece." They are great for when you don’t feel like being flashy and want to be subtle. The price tag might be more than you usually go for, but fine jewelry doesn’t have to be crazy expensive from big heritage houses. It can also be from small designers. It’s about the materials and not the name on the piece. RS: I agree. I think how it’s made is more important than the brand behind it. Sustainability and sourcing come into play. All our designers take social responsibility very seriously. It makes our selection unique and something you can trust when adding them into your collection.

Knife Edge Links Necklace

An elegant chain necklace accented with a bold gold link centerpiece for a quick necklace stack update

Serpent Pair No. 6

A coiled Snake nestled with the Calligraphic Hammered band