Unlock Your Personal Style

Our Resident Stylist, Nicole Chapoteau, is the Fashion Director at Vanity Fair. So when she gives styling advice, we listen up. The Jewelry Edit is all about owning what makes you unique. And while we all know ourselves better than anyone, trying to find the way to show that to the world can be easier said than done. Nicole has made it easy to figure out how to make a look that’s true to you. You’re just six steps away from unlocking your personal style. Here’s what Nicole had to say:

Rule One

Make It Personal

The best way to start is a personal piece that means something to you. For instance, the Gemini isn’t my favorite symbol, but I always wear my daughters astrological signs, or my brother’s sign, which is a leo. I love things that have a connection so that when you look down, they make you happy or take you back to a specific moment in time or make you think of someone special. I keep the zodiac signs for my whole family, instead of just my own.

Zodiac Stud with Aquarius Birthstone

A minimalist zodiac stud with birth month detail in garnet. Mix and match with your water and moon signs.

Zodiac Brass Signet Ring

Astrological images, inspired by the search for meaning in the night sky, are engraved on brass signet rings

Rule Two

There’s Only One Focal Point

When you have too many bold pieces, you aren’t sure what to look at. If you really want to do more, put them in the same zone. One thing I’m really into right now is multiple cocktail rings, which goes back to my grandma’s signature style. Keeping it in the same area works well. If you’re going to do a big earring, don’t also do a big necklace. Those are things I find most distracting on the red carpet.

Marcy Ring

An eye-catching arc design melted to wrap around your finger

Issoria Hand-Painted Cuff

A hammered brass cuff with a natural verdigris patina and a hand-painted ocean-inspired motif

Rule Three

Remember Jewelry Is Transformative

Jewelry has been there since the beginning of man. Everywhere around the world it means something. Just look at the ancient exhibits at the MET. Because things are so easily mass produced, we’ve forgotten that. Buy pieces that mean something to you and wear them. They can transform your outfit, your mood, your entire outlook.

Quinn Double Gold Necklace

A gorgeous 24K gold-plated double chain, which will elevate any outfit.

Vervet Earrings

Have some fun with these earrings depicting playful primates frolicking among blossoms

Rule Four

Take Risks

Some things that are bold for one person, might be no big deal to another. For a stylist, it’s about knowing the person. Knowing what the client likes and doesn’t like. Sometimes it’s the weirdest nuance that influences what they gravitate towards. Focus on features you want to accentuate, or even avoid.

Hula Belly Chain

A dainty belly chain featuring a 2mm satellite ball chain in 18k gold vermeil

Ivory Ear Crawler

One inch tusks in gold vermeil that "crawl" up the earlobe

Rule Five

Mix High and Low

I like to wear my favorite things. Whether it was $100 or $5000 doesn’t matter to me I just put on what makes me happy. I think you can mix high and low jewelry, and the same goes with clothing. You can wear an evening gown with costume jewelry, and it won’t look out of place. It’s about setting a tone for what your look is about. One piece isn’t too cheap or expensive to wear with the next. Just wear your favorite things!

Diamond Mystical Hamsa Bracelet

Intricately handcrafted 18K gold hamsa bracelet accented with 5 brilliant diamonds

Moonstone Charm Bracelet

A moonstone bracelet that reflects a moonlight sheen

Rule 6

There Are No Rules

Do what makes you feel good. If you want to wear a big necklace and big earrings, and it makes you feel good, you should go for it. For me, that wouldn’t make me feel good, because I would be distracted. I know sometimes I might look crazy looking at all my rings, and I’ll go put another one on for balance. The other day I left the house wearing eight necklaces because I felt like it and that’s what it’s all about.