Not Your Mother's Pearls


Pearls have been a jewelry-box classic for centuries. But when the quintessential gem comes to mind, the first thing you might picture is a strand of perfectly round beads with matching studs and a cashmere sweater set. While that vibe has its time and place, we’re here to show you how to bring pearls into 2021. 

The New Classic

For a modern yet equally timeless take on pearls, opt for interesting silhouettes. We love how the Celina Ring from Kara Yoo is accented with a pearl dangling from the circular design. Our very own Pearl Gold Wire Earrings brings a chic new take on wearing pearls, the architectural design creating a conversation-starter on your ears. 

Minimalism is another approach, which is why the Billie Necklace from Tess and Tricia is a pearl necklace we can get behind. The curb chain is understated yet elevates any outfit with a dose of classic charm. The same can be said of the Swirl Pearl Earrings from Wolf Circus— which has been one of our stylist’s favorites since we launched. Plus, they give the appearance of two earrings while maintaining a slim profile. 

Statement Pearls

Pearls aren’t just the dainty gem they’re cracked up to be. You can wear them to flaunt your feminine wiles, and just as easily show off your edgy side. Case in point—the Lightning Bolt Earrings from Sandy Hyun made with glass pearls. The striking motif is a bold addition to your collection. 

There is an easy formula to picking a statement-maker—it’s got to be eye-catching. When lots of volume and movement are involved, you know you’ve found a winner. The Moria Earrings from Kara Yoo check all the boxes as a standout style. 

Chromatic Moments

Their ivory hue and slight iridescence make pearls so iconic. However, such a neutral color also makes them a chic partner to a variety of vibrant gems, stones, and even unexpected materials. We specifically have the Ostrich Feather Chandeliers from Sandy Hyun in mind. The crystals and gorgeous purple-grey feathers give a bright, boho finish to the glass pearls. 

Then, the vivid addition of lab-created emerald, blue zircon, and red topaz to the Ophelia Earrings from Wolf Circus brings the pearls into a whole new territory of modern style. 

Pearls are also perfect for layering with other colorful pieces. Their neutral hue serves as the anchor. Something like the Divya Necklace from Kozakh is a great place to start—you can even add colorful gems to the end of the pendant. 

Ultimately, whatever style you’re feeling, pearls have a place in your look.