The Signature Edit

Girl wearing signature earrings

It’s time to hone your signature look. So, embrace your individuality and wear it on your sleeve—or wrists, neck, hands, or ears, because we’re jewelry people after all. Doing so reflects the confidence you’ve built within yourself. Show that in a world of fleeting trends, you still hold onto what makes you unique.

If you’re looking to define your signature look, we at The Jewelry Edit are here with an expert eye and the amazing designs to get you there. Even if you’re totally in tune with your aesthetic, we can still help find pieces to keep growing your identity and collection. You can use The Jewelry Code as a way to find what looks good on you without ever having to try the pieces on. Plus, it’s hard to turn down free advice from professionals.

Everyone's sense of style is always evolving, and you’ll know when you find pieces that are true to you because they’ll adapt through every whim. Just take a look at the iconic gold hoop, like ours from Kozakh, which has the power to transcend the ages. Hoops looked just as good in the 70s with peasant tops and bell bottoms as they did with low rise jeans and tracksuits in the 00s as they do on red carpets today.

To start discovering your icon status, take a quick scan of your closet. Even though we are talking about finding a signature jewelry look, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are all an extension of your wardrobe. Think back to your favorite outfits and the styles you find in your constant rotation. Do you love flowing, feminine designs? Or maybe you’re strictly into tailored separates? Or do you see one bold color after another?

You will know when you’ve found something that is authentically you because it will simply feel right. It's a true go-with-your-instinct moment.

The best part of the journey towards self-discovery is the fact that there is no one right answer. It’s about experimenting. When you try a design that feels unexpected, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Surprises only make each step of the process that much more exciting. Minimalistic studs, like the Pretty in Pink Studs from Atelier Mon, can make just as much of a statement as vibrant and chunky necklaces. Because more important than the individual pieces is the individual wearing them and bringing them to life—you.

The collections within our Signature Edit bring you closer to your ultimate self-expression. They are the styles that make those you know best say, “That’s so you!” That distinctive flair within you is innate. It’s more than clothing-deep; it’s about your personality, your heritage, and culture — whatever it is that distinguishes you and your story.

Why tell that story with jewelry? Lustrous metals and rainbow-hued gemstones have the power to instantly bring any look to life. The glints of light and color instantly catch the eye and captivate those around you. Plus, our selections are diverse to reflect all the different tastes and aesthetics of our clients.

Wear our pieces in a way that is in line with your style DNA and uncover your own signature look.