Nicole in the Fanez Necklace by Kozakh


Nicole Chapoteau

Style Through The Lens of Motherhood

Becoming a mother is that one pivotal moment we all swear won’t change a thing, until it does and in the most wonderful ways possible. It affects us in unexpected ways, like how we view our sense of style, whether we’re inspired by our own mothers or how we inspire our daughters.

We chatted with Nicole, our Resident Stylist, who juggles life as a busy mom of two girls and her role as Fashion Director at Vanity Fair, about the ways motherhood has impacted her outlook on personal style.


1. How has your mother influenced your style?

My mom has a very carefree, whimsical style. When she selects her jewelry, she wears pieces that make her happy or have sentimental value. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found myself doing the same. Allowing my jewelry to show how I feel is a more intimate expression of my personal style. 

Childhood memories, Nicole and her mom  

Nicole's pick for mom: the Rondelle Fade Necklace

2. How has being a mother influenced your style?

Motherhood hasn’t changed my style per se, but I do find a necessity for comfort. Maybe I wear more flats since I am constantly running around after my girls. And when it comes to jewelry, I keep it simple for the sake of time. I love to dress up a simple white t'shirt with this traditional Fanez herringbone necklace by Kozakh.

A simple white t’shirt and a herringbone necklace

Fanez Herringbone Necklace by Kozakh

3. How do you juggle motherhood and work?

I make sure when it is time for my kids that I am very present. Not on a phone, just focusing on them. It’s crucial to keep that time and space separate, especially in a time like now where we’re all working from home. My girls always come first.

4. What are two gift ideas for each type of mom. Why did you choose those?

Just because we’re mothers, doesn’t mean we can’t be glam. So I’d celebrate moms with fabulous taste with a gift like the Satellite Bralette. It’s fun and sexy and shows the mom you’re gifting it to, you think she is too.


We also shouldn’t forget the moms to be. Even though baby isn’t here yet, getting mom a Zodiac Signet Ring or Birthstone Necklace in the month baby is due, is a really cute gift she’s sure to appreciate.


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Nicole mixing the Cancer Zodiac ring by Talon, with some sentimental pieces

5. What would your daughters choose for you if they were picking out a mother's day piece?

Definitely a bracelet. They are always making them for me out of stuff from around the house. I love the sentiment and handmade gifts, but I think my husband would guide them in picking out the perfect bracelet from The Jewelry Edit, like the Aureate Bracelet by Shashi.

Nicole and her two “pumas"

Aureate Bracelet by Shashi

6.  What you would choose for your own mother and why?

A necklace. I think she needs more of them in her wardrobe and there are so many meaningful boho pieces that would complement her whimsical style. I know she would love the Gemstone Rondelle Fade Necklace by Catherine Weitzman and the Wildflower Necklace by Amelia Rose.

Gemstone Rondelle Fade Necklace by Catherine Weitzman

Wildflower Necklace by Amelia Rose


7. Why is sustainability important to you?

We only have one planet Earth and we need to protect her at all costs. Literally the future depends on it! It’s not difficult to make small changes that make a big impact, like reducing waste, recycling and shopping responsibly. That's why I love that Anna Sheffield fine jewelry, available at The Jewelry Edit, puts sustainability and social responsibility front and center as part of her mission.

Nicole wearing a Gemini Charm Pendant by Anna Sheffield

The Cancer Constellation Pendant and the Gemini Pendant by Anna Sheffield 


8. How do you build in issues of sustainability into how you shop?

I love to shop for vintage pieces or pieces made of recycled/upcycled materials like the collections by SOKO, Wolf Circus and Nina Berenato, which all use recycled gold. I also shop for pieces that are special to me and that I know I will wear for a long time. High-quality pieces with a longer lifespan won’t end up in landfills.

Fortuna Eye Hoops by Nina Berenato made from 100% recycled metal 

Twisted Dash Ring in 24kt gold plating by SOKO made from upcycled brass


9. How has the fashion world changed since you've been in the business regarding issues like sustainability?

There is starting to be a more prominent conversation on sustainability and more attention brought to the issue of fashion waste. There is also a stronger focus on fair trade and ethically sourced products, ensuring the people who create these pieces we love are treated fairly. As a consumer, it's so much easier to shop responsibly, there are platforms like The Jewelry Edit that allow you to do this with ease.  And it's something I think about a lot as a mom and as I look ahead to the future world my girls will live in.

Thinking about the future, Nicole loves this picture of her grandmother and her daughter

Constellation Charm Necklace
Anna Sheffield
Zodiac Charm Necklace
Anna Sheffield
Fanez Necklace
Twisted Dash Ring
Fortuna Eye Hoop Earring
Nina Berenato
Satellite Bralette
Birth Stone Necklace
Amelia Rose
Wildflower Necklace - Long
Amelia Rose
Gemstone Rondelle Fade Necklace
Catherine Weitzman
Wildflower Choker Necklace
Amelia Rose
Zodiac Brass Signet Ring
Twisted Dash Cuff