The Jewelry Edit x Nicole Chapteau

New York is back, and we turned to our Resident Stylist, Nicole Chapteau, to help us celebrate the liveliness of a city we dearly missed. As an ode to classic New York Moments, Nicole styled our founder Rosena Sammi for a shoot in Greenwich Village. Each look was lively and inspired by what day-to-day life in the city looks like for the founder of a startup. Days that once seemed mundane are the ones we can’t wait to return to, and when we do, this is what jewelry we’ll be wearing. Nicole spoke with us, to give us a behind the scenes guide to what sparked her styling direction.

What is your favorite New York memory? 

My favorite memory of New York is the one that started it all—when my parents dropped me off at my NYU dorm in the summer before college. Going to NYU and living in Manhattan were always dreams of mine.  That first dorm was right on 5th Avenue. It felt surreal, almost like a tv show, but I was now on my own, living out this dream come true.

How has New York influenced your style?

I love the creative energy that pulses through the city. It made it that much more surprising when I adapted to a newfound need for practicality. I used to be a heels-only person and once I moved from Manhattan to another borough, I realized flats were my best friend! This is very much a go-go-go city, and my agenda is always packed. Throw the commute on top of that, I found flats are not only comfortable, but you can have fun with them as well.

What did you like about shooting on Gay Street and in Greenwich Village?

It took me right back to my NYU days (not to mention all the clubs and bars we used to sneak into.)  it really is a quintessential New York neighborhood with inviting stoops, amazing architectural details and  boatloads of character. It’s so serene and a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the financial district where I work at the World Trade Center. The gorgeous cobblestone streets was the perfect backdrop and we were able to take advantage of little details we found. You’ll see some pretty pictures of a doorknob we used to show off some rings—finding hidden details like this is what makes shooting in Greenwich Village so fun.

What was the vibe you were going for with your jewelry styling on Rosena?

Effortless, fun, and chic. Obviously, I wanted it to be stylish, but in a really easy, relaxed way. I understand how a founder is constantly juggling different meetings that can span from business to creative, so I wanted looks that can translate to both.  To make the look more tailored to Rosena, I mixed personal pieces with newer ones. It’s important for it to look natural and never forced.

You used a lot of jewelry with bold colors, how can you work color into your jewelry wardrobe?

Just take the leap and dive right in. Color can bring about positive vibes. To start, pick a color that is in the clothing you are wearing. This will tie your whole look together. Another option is to select a color complementary to your outfit. You might need to get out a color wheel for this one, but in a nutshell, oranges go great with blues, greens with reds, and yellow with purples. They might sound unexpected, but this basic color theory is an easy way to bring elevated styling and color into your look.

We saw you layering bracelets and rings. What's your advice on layering jewelry?

Honestly, there aren’t rules. I just keep playing around until I think it looks right. It can never hurt to keep layering it on and trying things out as you mix and match. Take a look in the mirror, and if you love it, you’re set. Alternatively, simply remove some of the layers. I think everyone has a natural eye for proportion and balance. You will have a gut feeling when you hit that sweet spot.

What’s your one piece of advice for buying jewelry to wear as cities around the country open up and we al start to re-emerge?

Be bold and have fun. Try those extra large or extra colorful earrings; get that new piercing; stack on a few more rings. We may still have to be safe and careful out there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some fashion risks!