Gifts for Mom: The More Meaning the Better

Gifts for Mom: The More Meaning the Better

Moms, where would we be without them? This is the time of year we truly set aside time and say thanks, on top of all the appreciation we show her throughout the year. From diamonds to gold, mom deserves it all. Luckily, we have a piece for every mom, no matter her style. 

New Moms and Mommas to Be

Always keep the little one close to mom’s heart with a truly personal gift. Engravable with the initials…of say a newborn…the delicate Hasaa Minor Pendant from Mahnal is a gift to be worn for a lifetime. 

Another must with new moms is keeping jewelry fuss-free. Chrysanthemum studs by Catherine Weitzman are just as good as getting flowers but with a lot less maintenance and won’t get caught in baby’s wandering hands. Aptly named the “Wisdom” earrings they are a nod to all the wisdom you share with your child passed on from your own mother.

Your Mom, the Dancing Queen

She reminisces about the nights she went out dancing, has a go-big-or-go-home personality and it shows through her eclectic mix of jewelry and perhaps really big hair? We’re just guessing here, but we think she’ll love the retro-inspired hoops from Gold and Honey. They’ll take her back to disco days, yet still feel totally fresh and on-trend.

So, she likes to dance? Bring movement to her look with the subtle fluidity of the Modernist Lariat Necklace from Bing Bang NYC. It’s interesting shapes give it a drop of modern style.

The Long Distance Mom

2021 isn’t still completely over 2020. So maybe you don’t get to be with mom this year. Send her good vibes and protection from 1000 miles away with the Ira Evil Eye Necklace by Kozakh.The gold and vibrant colors are sure to brighten her day.

For something more sentimental, have the Maraya Ring from Mahnal engraved with your and mom’s initials, as a symbol that you’re always together, no matter how far away. 

The Minimalist Mom

X marks this spot for the moms who like to keep it simple. There isn’t always time to create that perfect stack of rings or layer of necklaces. A couple of solid, quality and understated pieces are just her thing.

The X-shaped pendant from Lizzi Mandler speaks for itself and lets you give mom all the kisses, even when you’re not there. In true minimalist form, sticking with matching pieces is a sure bet for effortless style. The X stud  will perfectly complete her look. In 18K gold, it’s the luxe set she deserves. 

Mothers with Timeless Taste

She probably dragged you to a few antique shows or vintage stores back in the day and is a firm believer in collecting pieces that last a lifetime. Her jewelry is no exception, which is why we think something classic like the Diamond Layering Necklace is her next forever piece.

With a single diamond centered in the middle of a delicate 14K gold chain, it will never go out of style. 

The Mom Who is Down to Earth

Her style might be more on the boho side of the spectrum, so something truly unique is what speaks to her. She never wanted what everyone else had and was defined by a style of her own. The Jewelry Edit’s own Organic Pearl Hoops have a natural shape and very natural vibe that perfectly go with her wardrobe full of florals and flow dresses. It’s also a nice, elevated break from the hiking boots and flannel she reaches for during outdoor adventures.

Petite Gold Leaf Faceted Lucite Hoops in Midnight Blue
Gold and Honey
X Stud (Single)
Lizzie Mandler
14k Gold Layering Diamond Necklace
Maya Brenner
Organic Pearl Hoops
The Jewelry Edit
Chrysanthemum Earrings
Catherine Weitzman
Maraya Ring
from $145.00
Modernist Lariat Necklace
Bing Bang NYC
Hasaa Minor Pendant
Ira Necklace