The Butterfly Edit

We've all done it—worn the same studs for weeks on end or reverted to the same hoops for every night out. We're all capable of changing and spreading our wings. Here are our picks for going beyond the standard grab-and-go earrings. Go on, get out there and fly!

Stepping outside your comfort zone is easier than you think with our Butterfly Edit. To us, the butterfly represents transformation, and that’s what we hope to help you do with this collection. It’s an inspired curation of standout pieces that takes you out of a style rut and into a new you.

We’re all about having your signatures, you know the ones that make everyone instantly think of you. But, there is a not-so-subtle beauty about welcoming change. Simply put, switching up your routine feels good. It’s that something fresh needed to breathe new life into your jewelry box and your look.

How do you know that it’s time for a revamp? Well, if you find yourself reaching for the same pieces every day, that’s a telltale sign. Or, maybe you aren’t accessorizing at all. Either way, we’re here for you with our experts and innovative technology. Our program, The Jewelry Code, helps find the perfect pieces that not only flatter your face shape but also complement your personal style. Simply upload a photo and our proprietary technology will find what looks best on you based on a 31-point analysis of your face. Then our professional stylists take it from there, curating what they think will best fit into your arsenal of jewelry. A personalized jewelry box will be shipped right to your door.

There are ways to ease yourself into change. You don’t have to hatch and spread your proverbial wings all in one go. Finding what defines you is an ongoing process, and a fun one at that. So take your time. If you’re known for your classic gold jewelry, embrace our butterfly-inspired edit to find something that will add excitement to your look

A very real benefit of taking on a new approach to style is how it instantly boosts your mood. Stepping out of your comfort zone offers the ultimate reward—confidence.

It’s more than possible to find something unexpected that still feels true to your sensibilities. Follow your intuition to ensure it. We aren’t saying you need to take a full 180. Rather, you should try jewelry that you’ve been eyeing but might have been nervous to go for. It could be as simple as taking a silhouette you already love and trying it in a new colorway.

You can start small by opting for new metals like silver or rose gold or even trying a new material like lustrous lucite. If that’s the route you’re going, we suggest checking out these tie-dye hoops from Gold and Honey. Want to dial it up even more? Mix metals, layer them, throw in color or pieces with movement like the dangle earrings from Sorrelli.

If you are someone who is known to boast more is more, try paring back your look. These drop earrings from Kozakh are a great piece for someone trying to transition to a more minimalist vibe without sacrificing their iconic eye-catching style.

As you slide on a new pair of statement earrings or clip on a new necklace, it’s like you’re layering on a happier you. It’s a journey of self-discovery. You’re telling the world, “Hey, I know who I am and want you to know it too.”

Once you’ve given it a go, you’ll find that it's borderline addicting how refreshing it feels to let go of the same routine. And there is nothing to stop you from continuing this evolution and get that freeing feeling, every time you try something new.

Half Diamond Stud (Single)
Jennie Kwon
Open Eclipse Stud (Single)
Maya Brenner
Gold Filled Finito Earrings
Sia Stud Earrings
Hoops With A Labradorite Accent
Atelier Mon
Emerald Journey Stud (Single)
Jennie Kwon
Diamond Hamsa Earrings
Legend Amrapali
X Stud (Single)
Lizzie Mandler
Cherry Charm Hoop Earrings
Tie-Dye Lucite Hoops in Green & Yellow
Gold and Honey
Slate Dangle Earrings