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A Brighter 2021: Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe Core

This year, take time to focus on you. Amongst all the ways to jump into the self-care bandwagon, investing in yourself tops our list.

Building your jewelry collection, or wardrobing as we like to call it, can bring simplicity, happiness and confidence into your world. How exactly? A curated collection lets you put your true style on display, and feel good while doing it.

We’ve broken down our building blocks for creating a dream wardrobe that evolves with your style. It’s about (1) having the core pieces; (2) layering elements of personalization; and (3) sprinkling in those luxe and lust-worthy investments.

Here's part one: The Core. Stay Tuned for the rest of this three-part series.  And as always, our expert stylists are here to help find the styles that work best with you.

The Core

Every collection needs its basics. These are effortless styles that go with literally everything. They are year-round essentials, easy to wear, but still a reflection of you.

The Core: Everyday Essentials
Opt for understated pieces like the Tilu Gold Bracelet from Shashi or Finito Earrings from Kozakh. They effortlessly elevate any look in your closet.

The Core: Daily Diamonds
Diamonds are a luxury, but that doesn’t mean they are off-limits for daily wear. Their durability actually makes them great for every day, and their shine is impossible to resist. Incorporate the iconic gem into your wardrobe with pave pieces or studs like the Baguette Stud by Jeannie Kwon.

The Core: Perfect Pearls
Simply put, pearls are classic. Their elegance is iconic and they bring a certain refinement to your wardrobe. Reach for them you’re in that “I feel fancy” mood. The Swirl Pearl Earrings from Wolf Circus will deliver the classic style you crave.

The Core: Charms & Chains
Bring some eccentricity into your collection with a mix of charms and chains that speak to your style. We love their antique and vintage-inspired aesthetic. The right charm-and-chain combo can become your signature, like the Wild Serpent Charm Necklace from Tess and Tricia.

The Core: Bold Moves
Sometimes more is more and we’re here for it. The Multi-Strand Layered Necklace by Sorrelli is bold and brilliant and just what to grab for an eye-catching moment. We all have those days, which is why making bold moves is an essential part of wardrobing.

Gold Filled Finito Earrings
Wolf Circus Swirl Pearl Earring
Wolf Circus
Baguette Stud (Single)
Jennie Kwon
Multi-Strand Layered Necklace
Mixed Metal and Crystal Layered Bracelet/Necklace
14k Gold Layering Diamond Necklace
Maya Brenner
X-shaped Pendant Necklace
Lizzie Mandler