Part Three of Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe—the investment pieces! These are the big players in your collection that you take out of the jewelry box for special occasions—scratch that, you take them out every chance you can. We’re talking solid gold styles and precious gemstones.

The Investment: Once a season
Building your wardrobe is a process and doesn’t have to all be done at once. Add to your stack of bracelets or layered earrings with the designs you treasure most. We recommend the Diamond Crescent Moon Drop Earrings this season.

The Investment: Special Occasion
Saving some styles for just the right moment can add to their sentiment. They’ll leave you excited to wear them. Just think of how amazing Sorrelli’s Protea Statement Necklace will look paired with a gown. However, nothing should stay stagnant and hidden away. While, we love special occasion jewelry, our mantra is bring it out every time you can. The Protea Statement Necklace, will look just as good with a white muscle t-shirt.

The Investment: Lifetime Heirloom Finds
One of the most rewarding parts of jewelry is getting to pass it on. The heirloom find is the one you cherish for a lifetime, and we think you’ll find that in Paige Novick’s Overlapping Two Row Ring.