Behind the Scenes in Beverly Hills with Lindsay Price

We took Lindsay Price to Beverly Hills for her inaugural Jewelry Edit shoot. It seemed only fitting given many of us first fell in love with her in that very zip code when she played Janet Sosna on the iconic 90’s TV show 90210. While there, our founder Rosena Sammi and our new Resident Stylist, teamed up to do what they love—tell stories and style jewelry. Enjoy our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what inspired the duo as they had fun with color, texture and statement makers.

Living In Color

Lindsay has a warm and vibrant personality, so it’s only fitting her style reflect that. She and Rosena played with bright blues, reds and greens set in vibrant gold. The Green Carmen Earrings from Jam and Rico reminded her of all the travel she's been missing lately. The inspiration behind the earring design perfectly captured that 'something special' Lindsay was looking for.

Carmen Earrings

Jam and Rico

It’s Glam O’Clock

Glitz and sparkle are musts for a night out with Lindsay and the Bergen Vintage Earrings deliver. Handcrafted in New York by Korean designer Sandy Hyun, Lindsay felt a kinship to them by the nod to her own Korean heritage.

Bergen Vintage Earrings

Sandy Hyun

Tempting Charmers

Snakes and serpents give a glimpse of Lindsay's edgy side. Symbolizing transformation and creativity, they speak to a part of who she is and what she has to do on a daily basis as an actress and busy mom. When she wears them she gets to express how she feels in a way that’s unique to her.

Slithering Serpent Ring

Nina Berenato

Feather Weather

Feathers are surprisingly easy to pull off while instantly creating a head-turning look. Lindsay couldn’t resist a selfie with the Crystal and Feather Chandeliers from one of her favorites, Sandy Hyun. Their drama instantly drew her in, and she knows her friends would love them too.

Crystal and Feather Chandeliers

Sandy Hyun

Ostrich Feather Chandelier

Sandy Hyun

The Anywhere Bracelet

Lindsay shows us how to make the most out of a luxury piece, the Marcy Bracelet. It’s bold yet translates from work to pleasure seamlessly. Designed by Third Crown, a husband-and-wife duo, Lindsay loves supporting their sculptural, gender-neutral collection.

Marcy Bracelet

Third Crown

Spikes Out

Lindsay loves to go bold, but every now and then even she has to challenge herself to step outside her comfort zone. The Hunter's Cuff from Nina Berenato was one of those risks worth the reward. The spikes might be intimidating, but she owns it.

Hunter's Ear Cuff

Nina Berenato

One More Ring

Small fingers are the perfect little canvases for bold rings. Lindsay paired the Marcy, Ripple Band and Raha Stacking rings, which don’t overwhelm the hands but each show off her innate style.

Marcy Ring

Third Crown

Ripple Band Ring