The Value of Being Seen, Thank You Kamala Harris

In the days since Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ historic win, I’ve found myself reflecting on its importance and impact. It’s more than just a win for Democrats or liberals— it’s a win for every citizen. With decades of trails blazed and glass ceilings broken, Harris is an embodiment of strength, ambition and perseverance; qualities that eternally motivate me.

Harris lets me, and women around the world, see themselves in her success. She was born to two immigrant parents at a time where this country was rife with segregation and inequality. Yet, here she is, weeks away from leading that same country. While there may be a lot further to go, this achievement is a large part of the change we desperately need to see.

Over half the U.S. population are women and nearly 40% of all Americans are people of color, which is why her representation matters. Harris is of Jamaican and Indian descent. Her mother’s Tamil ancestry particularly resonates with me as my own family is of Sri Lankan, Tamil origin. The pride that immigrant women like myself feel in her success, is palpable, shared, and invigorating. 

I’ve been vocal about the need for diversity within the leadership of companies in the private sector, which inspired me to launch The Jewelry Edit. I of course believe that same urgency extends beyond the boardroom and into the leadership of this nation. Harris’ groundbreaking win is an important stride in the right direction. It's time people of color stop being othered by our current President, and we can finally be seen and represented by the President-elect.

The impact of a Black, Asian, and female VP in office will hopefully reverberate through all aspects of our lives because “political” issues these days are ultimately ethical ones. That said, having a woman of color in the V.P. office is not the ultimate representation of diversity. It simply gives hope to all people of color that more people like us can realize our ambitions, whatever they may be.  After all, Harris herself said, “while I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last.”

I’ve been inspired to do my part and bring the change I want to see in the world, starting with the industry I know best. At The Jewelry Edit, with our diverse selection of designers and models, I want customers to feel seen, just as Kamala has made me feel seen. Change is not just an abstract concept anymore. From the big picture to the smallest scale, from the nation’s highest office to our most personal day to day lives, it’s very real, tangible, and in sight.