Veronica Tordi Photo Collage

Bold. Striking. Joyful. Veronica Tordi’s love affair with jewelry began as a child and it shows in her bright and playful creations. Attention to detail and whimsy combine in unique, artisanal pieces crafted with techniques she learned in her parents’ workshop in Italy. We love her giddy baubles and ‘more is more’ vibe. Like Prada, whose jewelry has been manufactured in the Tordi family factory for years, there’s something in her playful not precious designs that reminds us of Miuccia’s famous resin jewelry.

The Jewelry Edit® had the opportunity to talk to Tordi about what inspires her.

How did you come up with the name/concept for your company?
At first I was skeptical about using my own name, but it made sense. My family
started a small jewelry manufacturing workshop over 40 years ago, and it grew into
one of the best production houses in the country, so I wanted to honor that tradition
of Italian artistry and my lineage, while striking out and sharing my personal vision
and style.

Veronica Tordi Quote

Where do you look for inspiration?
I like to begin with nature, which is always present in my work. I grew up in a small town in Northern Italy and my childhood was pretty carefree. I remember running around barefoot and losing myself in the awesome beauty of the countryside. The flowers and trees, the rocky coastline, the sea shore.

Veronica Tordi wearing her own jewelry

What are your favorite pieces to design?

I just love designing statement pieces — especially necklaces which let me play and experiment more with volume and colors to make something visually impactful, like wearable art.

What’s your favorite material to wear or work with?
I like working with acrylic and then finding interesting coatings that elevate the material into something more precious and using add-ons like tassels and crystals that reference the treasures to be found along the Italian coastline.

Flowers are important in your work, why?
There is a wild beauty in nature that shows up in all of my pieces. I find flowers so exciting because there are so many perfect shapes, sizes and stunning colors. I try to capture that variety. Some are delicate; others are bold — just like the person who chooses my collections.