Danyell Rascoe: Brooklyn’s Finest

Many creative things emerge from the artisan community in Brooklyn, and the shapely, styling jewelry of Danyell Rascoe is one of them.  Subtle, refined and understated are just some of the words we would use to describe these significant pieces, that are simply treasures waiting to be worn.

The Jewelry Edit had the opportunity to talk to Rascoe about what inspires her.

How did you come up with the name/concept for your company?

It’s my name. And the layout came about for a way to help people find me. My name is spelled differently, it has a phonetic spelling. And it has pleasant graphic appeal with the hyphen placement.

Where do you look for inspiration when designing pieces?

All over but mostly from the ancient world.

What are your favorite types of pieces to design?

Earrings, I have more space and room to play.

How would you describe your style?

Subtle elements. It is a refined balance of delicate & strong, modern & ancient.

Who/what are your biggest style influences?

My biggest style influences are the women of New York, which is hard to now with COVID, but I still imagine what they would be wearing and how.

What was the first piece of jewelry you remember buying for yourself?

I can’t remember the first jewels I bought. But I do remember buying this cowry shell and leather chocker like Janet Jackson. I wore it to death. Like most teenagers at that time, I was obsessed with her.

What’s the most special piece of jewelry you own? What’s the story behind it?

It’s the Cuban link my late Uncle gave me. When I started making jewelry he gave it to me to melt and repurpose. I wear the chain every day!

How many pieces of jewelry do you usually wear at any given time? What are they?

3 to 4 necklaces including Psylli Charm holder necklace Tsavorite Chili pendant with Peruvian Opal, Moonstone & Boulder Opal charms. Five earrings, constantly changing...but today they are a series of Lua hoops. A stack of bands on one finger and sometimes, I will wear silver bracelets I purchased in Rajasthan.


Why do you think it’s important for people to wear/own jewelry?

It’s a wonderful form of expression and adornment, that can continue evolve over time.

What’s something people should keep in mind when shopping for jewelry?

Don’t be afraid to mix metal, stones and styles of jewelry. Buy what you like and not solely follow trends.

What draws customers in to purchase jewelry from your collection?

I believe it’s the shape and feel of my pieces.